STAAR Surgical Paris

STAAR Surgical

Working once again with STAAR Surgical, i3 delivered a stunning exhibition stand in Paris at the European Congress for Refractive and Cataract Surgeons for one of the world’s most respected brands in the field of corrective eye-surgery. With increased stand space, i3 once again reflected STAAR’s brand value as a provider of high-quality eye health products, with a ‘wow’ stand , that combined a welcoming sense of openness with impressive technology to effectvely showcase their lenses.

2019 represented a milestone celebratory achievement of the millionth implantation of their Collamer Lens Product Worldwide. In recognition of this, i3 incorporated a FUN GIF Pod on the stand with a specialist graphic backdrop, lots of props and branding to be used by delegates to the stand. Having first started to work with STAAR when they were on their 500,000 lens implementation, it was a special event!

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