5 key things you need to consider when choosing an event partner


Are they innovative?
Experimenting with lighting, sound and screens, electronical presentations and digital displays are all integral for an engaging stand.

Partnering with somebody who is knowledgeable in all areas of tech trends will mean your brand will be reflected in that way too. There are some great new technologies on the market at the moment that can really make you stand out from the crowd, at i3 Global Design we are well aware that Virtual Reality is here to stay and is going to revolutionise the event experience.

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Are they experts in experiential marketing?
Providing the consumer with a memorable experience will open the door to brand loyalty and increased customer lifetime value.

Customers are far more likely to remember a positive and immersive experience compared to a glossy leaflet they picked up from your stall. Experiential marketing is a strategy that directly engages consumers and invitees by encouraging them to participate in the evolution of a brand.

We have some further tips for delivering a brilliant experiential stand here.

Although a goody bag full of treats will draw the crowds for a short period of time, experiences deliver longer lasting happiness and recall than material things for your customers.

A partner that ensures your giveaways focus less on goods and more on experiences and personalisation will reap dividends in customer retention.

We have compiled a list of tips to help make your event giveaways more memorable here.

Remember, a giveaway should be enticing, but more integrally, memorable.

Will they engage your audience?
Hearing the words ‘trade show promotion’, doesn’t always fill consumers with excitement. Most will associate the experience with giveaways – from free mugs to ballpoint pens.

Although these customers will visit your booth to grab these semi-useful corporate items, they are more than likely going to disappear without leaving anything of value for you.

A far more effective way to attract people to your exhibition stand and generate and retain high quality leads is by engaging with these customers once they arrive. Running a contest, raffles or quizzes will mean consumers will spend longer time at your stall, and leave their information for a chance at the prize.

It’s important to choose a partner that can deliver this marketing strategy for your brand, creating a challenge for attendees with a fun quiz will mean you’ll have no problem attracting prospects to your exhibition stand.

Post-event follow up
However you decide to attract and engage visitors to your stand, it’s integral to follow up with your new leads within a few days of the exhibition.

If you have the resources, or the service of a good partner – make this contact personal. A personalised message will be much more memorable and will do wonders for the perception of you and your brand.

Exhibitions are a big investment – but done the right way with the right help they can deliver huge rewards. By considering all of these areas at the planning stage you can expect to considerably increase your return on investment.

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