What Is Perception in Advertising?
(What’s it really about?)


Everybody knows first impressions are essential, and this is no different for brand-consumer relationships. With that in mind, ‘perception in advertising’ – the technical term being ‘consumer information processing’ – is largely about managing consumers’ first impressions of brands.  To that end, ‘Sensation’, ‘Attention’, ‘Interpretation’ and ‘Retention’ are four useful words that can guide brands wanting to make impactful first impressions.

‘Sensation’ refers to the moment that a consumer first becomes conscious of a brand’s external stimuli. Of course, this can happen through any one or more of the five senses. Take Coca-Cola for example; one person might respond to its red and white logo while another might respond to the click and fizz of one its cans opening.

It is not enough for a brand to merely stimulate a consumer’s senses; a successful encounter causes the consumer to stop, think and make an association between the stimulus and the brand. Generally, consumers pay more attention to stimuli that appeal to their wants, needs or opinions.

Having stimulated the senses and garnered the attention of the consumer, the next challenge for brands is ‘Interpretation’. ‘Interpretation’ is about deliberately evoking certain meanings, narratives and feelings using brand stimuli.  Accuracy and precision are paramount here. When marketing with a particular audience in mind, it helps to make shrewd references to memetic or historical symbols that already occupy a space in that audience’s imagination.

Ideally, evoked meanings, narratives and feelings linger in consumers’ minds for as long as possible. When durably made and well-directed, an excellent first impression guarantees a lifelong and fruitful relationship between the consumer and the brand – this is the ultimate goal.

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