Applying a growth mindset to your business (and life!)


There are two types of mindset that we can choose to cultivate: a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset.

The growth mindset, a term coined by Stanford psychologist Dr.Carol Dweck, sees individuals taking each challenge as an opportunity to learn, even if this means failing. Individuals with a growth mindset believe that new abilities can be developed through practice and that failing and practice are synonymous. They develop a love for learning that most great leaders and artists have in common, and warmly welcome constructive criticism, understanding that it is a vital component of change and development. A growth mindset makes life exciting and endless opportunities arise when you begin to knock down the wall of fear.

So, how can you apply a growth mindset to your business?

Celebrate trying – by avoiding only celebrating triumphs, you give value to all the other hard work and attempts that didn’t quite make it to the top. These efforts are stepping stones to getting to where you want to be.

Encourage the development of new skills – by encouraging staff to step out of their comfort zone and attend training days, perhaps in an area, they aren’t familiar with or holding workshops to develop new skills; you will inspire them to stop ruling out unfamiliar tasks from their capabilities. Once new skills are learnt, you no longer see your failures as a hurdle to what you are doing instead you see it as fuel to boost your development and reach your goals.

Listen to constructive criticism – it’s important to remember that when receiving constructive criticism, it is not you that’s being assessed, but the result of your work on that one day. The criticism doesn’t define you, but it is vital that you digest it and act upon it to improve. When receiving constructive criticism, listen, and try separating your worth from the outcome of your efforts. You will always have the chance to improve, and it all starts with your mindset.

Having fun –  organising silly and fun team building events can give everyone the opportunity to let their hair down (including the senior management team) and can leave them feeling more comfortable and relaxed. It reminds them that we’re all human and we can all fall on our face sometimes!

Be Bold – When thinking of new ways to increase innovation within the organisation and deciding how best to showcase this externally, as part of an effective marketing strategy through eye-catching and well-coordinated events, be bold. Don’t be afraid to try something different and stand out.

Practice –  You don’t always have to enjoy it, but the effort is part of a journey to a fun life.

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