Take your event one stage further…


Your brand strategy may be working perfectly.
But when it comes to a live event, these elements take second stage. Because the physical environment takes centre stage over the digital environment.
You may have done the hard work in attracting your audiences. But now they’re at your event, how do you captivate them? Look at your brand environment.

What does that mean?

Your surroundings
Where will your brand be positioned? Near the entrance? By a social/break-out area? Will you be near a competitor? How will you differentiate?

Gillette are one of the many brands we have created brand environments for

Will you be using a platform for product demos or giving speeches? Will that create a sense of importance? Or distance?

You also need to build trust in your environment. Research suggests up to 90% of consumers don’t trust brands. This makes it all the more important to look at options such as…

…experiential marketing. This is an ideal way to build your brand environment, as a multi-sensory brand-experience concept. Delivering an immersive, sensory environment will leave a big impression on your audience.

Guide to creating a branding environment

Understand your audience
Find out where they are. Linkedin? Twitter? Get a sense of their needs and reflect them in your brand environment, to make it easy to connect with them. For example, being aware of the hashtags they use, or the LinkedIn groups they could join.

  • Use technology
    Use real-time tools to engage visitors. For example, display live tweets on a digital display, or provide tablets for people to interact with your brand.
  • Control the surroundings
    Think about how you want to project your brand. What types of lighting do you want? How do you want to arrange your stand? Exclusive, or inclusive?
  • Nurture leads
    Measure the success of your approach with targeted follow-up emails, to gauge reactions, measure engagement, and plan for an even more successful event next time.
  • Unsure of the possibilities?
    We have delivered brand environments for global clients such as Google, Mobil, and O2. We can offer you advice, expertise, and the benefit of our 15+ years’ experience.

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